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Karen's Lake Willoughby Cottages

Lakeview Vacation Cottages

at Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Vermont

Lake Willoughby


A Natural National Landmark and the second deepest lake entirely contained within the state of Vermont, Lake Willoughby is renowned for its pristine and picturesque beauty.


A glacial lake nested between Mount Hor on it's western shore and Mount Pisgah to the east, the lake is home to the rare Peregrine Falcon and Loon both previously endangered species, as well as lake and rainbow trout, burbot, yellow perch, rainbow smelt and other species of freshwater fish.


Swimmers and boaters delight in the lake's clean and idyllic setting spring, summer and fall.


In the winter, the lake is well known to freeze over later than other local lakes. Passage by snowshoe, snowmobile or cross country skiing is cautioned until the winter's bitter cold, well into the season.


The Willoughby State Forest that extends along the south of the lake includes several popular hiking trails that traverse the adjacent mountain ranges for breathtaking views. ....Learn More



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